Grow Your Business by Showcasing the Solutions Employers Are Searching For

By January 7, 2016Blog

Do you offer the solutions your clients and prospects are looking for? Are you promoting those solutions on your website and throughout your sales process? You can retain more of your current clientele and attract new prospects by offering and promoting the products that will help employers meet their goals.

One of the most common reasons a client switches management service providers is to gain additional features and services. Unless you promote them on your website and include them in sales quotes, your clients and prospects may not realize that you offer all the services they’re looking for.

Failing to showcase available features is an all-too-common oversight for many service providers. By the time they realize their client needed specific services, it’s too late: Their competitor has already swooped in by offering a “one-stop shop.” All that’s left to do is send former clients their final invoice.

Employers are actively looking for solutions that help them effectively manage their most important asset: their employees. Help them find what they’re searching for.

• Add images, links, downloadable PDFs to your website.

• Send out new product announcements to inform clients about the spectrum of services you provide.

• When selling to prospective clients, make it a common practice to include quotes demonstrating the costs of buying all your services a la carte or bundling them to take advantage of cost savings.

You’ll grow your business by doing whatever it takes to close the door of opportunity to your competitors. We are here to help you in your efforts to effectively market your SwipeClock products. Contact your Channel Development Manager to learn more.

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