The Art, Science and Software of Workforce Management

The SwipeClock Mission

We understand that Workforce Management is about more than affecting workplace transactions.

Though we’ve mastered tools that take the pain, chaos and confusion out of time, attendance and scheduling, our Workforce Management solutions are really designed to maximize workplace satisfaction and the effectiveness of the employer-employee relationship.

As an Inc. 5000, provider of Workforce Management software, our mission is to improve the efficiency—and profitability—of the North American workplace.

18 Years of Industry Leadership

In the Beginning — 1999 to 2006

Imagine a garage and a young man with an aptitude for tinkering with electronics and software. Founder Mike Caldwell started SwipeClock after turning a credit card machine into a time clock and realized he was onto something big. Mike approached Bryce Swanson, an old friend from a prior employer, to assist in building a fledgling timekeeping company. Fast forward a number of years to find an impressive amount of resellers, revenue and success.

2006 to 2018

After 16 years of prosperity and an average annual growth rate of 25%, SwipeClock acquired TimeSimplicity in 2014 to expand its Workforce Managment Offering. With an impressive track record of great products and software, plus some incredible user conferences under its belt, SwipeClock was ready to enter the realm of Workforce Management. SwipeClock provides more and more products, services, and support to our partners with each passing year.

The Future & Meeting Your Demands

Today SwipeClock continues to provide first-class service and support while we empower our partner channel to find success and grow their business. We pride ourselves in listening intently to our partners and users. The feedback we gain is priceless in developing new features and technologies to further enhance our existing offerings. Our time and attendance and advanced scheduling offerings have incredible new functionality being prepared for release in the near future.

Coleman Barney, CEO SwipeClock

Today, SwipeClock offers its integrated cloud-based workforce management solutions to approximately 30,000 businesses solely through its more than 1000 channel partners across the United States.

“This represents almost one million employees who use our products every day,”


“Simply stated, when our partners win, we win.” 

A Pedigree of Amazing

Anyone who has ever been to a SwipeClock event knows the care we take in making our partners feel valued. SwipeClock appreciates the efforts of all our resellers in making our events amazing networking opportunities and using that time to learn, grow as individuals, and take priceless knowledge back to their companies.

Partner with a Vendor Who Cares

To reiterate our CEO, “When our partners win, we win.” It’s easy to make a saccharine-sweet case for the appreciation we have for our partners; however SwipeClock will always provide the best tools we can for your success.

Partner Today

Call us today to find out how SwipeClock can add to your current service offering. Combining Payroll, Time and Attendance, and Advanced Scheduling is your key to success in providing Workforce Managment to your clients.


See why more than 30,000 employers manage their teams with our products.

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